Monday, August 31, 2009

Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child

Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child is an old song my mother and father used to sing. That's how I am feeling today. I feel like for the past year and a half I have been fighting the left and the right not only on behalf of HRC but also on behalf of myself.

First of all we had to fight the Obots both during the Primary and the General Election where we were called names and mistreated.

The PUMA movement started and the Right Wing of the party started agreeing with Republicans and some on the left think we sold out. I did not sell out. I disagree with the Republicans when I think they are wrong and I disagree with the Democrats when I think they are wrong that is what most people are supposed to do.

Then Hillary was confirmed as SOS and here comes the attacks from the Republicans some of which were sexist or just old information that was gone through with a fine tooth comb years ago about the Clinton's but to these folks the 50 million dollars spent in the 90s on the Whitewater case that yeilded no wrong doing is not enough for these folks. Disagree with Hillary but do so on recent events not the same old unproven mess of Whitewater.

Now its the health care reform and Kennedy's death that I am fighting over. I am sorry but I am not broken up over the fact that some old letch died while in life he got away with murder and covered up a rape.
I am a PUMA who supported Democrats for most of my life not because I believed in what they said but because my family always voted Democrat. The only Democrats who ever really excited me were the Clintons.

I was angry at the Clinton people who decided to vote for Obama but that was months ago. Now I am just wondering why we are having a hard time with plan C. We were supposed to get back together after the general election but it hasn't happened yet but it will happen.

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