Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yes Chris Matthews Black People Do Not Want to Forget They Are Black nor Do They Want You to Forget.

The media has been talking about Barack Obama transending race since he entered the frey. They assume that this is what most black people want. Why would we want to forget we are black we are proud to be black and we are proud of our culture. Chris Matthews apperently doesn't understand that we don't want to become white people even for an hour.

Chris Matthews has been saying really stupid things for a long time and instead of apologizing and moving on he decides that it really isn't even that important.

After Barack's horrible SOTU speech, which I thought was horrible and lousy, Chris, Tingles , Matthews said "I forgot he was black for an hour" This left me and my family stunned. "What's that supposed to mean we asked. "What's wrong with being black?"

Chris Matthews refused to take this back even though he offended a lot of people he still thinks that is the way to heal race relations in this country for black people to just turn white.

I grew up in a very pro black household. We were proud of being black and we celebrated our culture and community. We had each other when everyone else turned against us.

I remember being a little girl and not allowed to swim in public pools.

My grandmother remembers people being lynched for "reckless eyeballing" That means a black man looking at a white woman not necessary for lust it was a death sentence.

Chris Matthews perhaps you should just put in white people when you want to talk to black people. Try saying things like "I forgot he was a white guy." I think you would understand just how offensive that remark was.

Chris Matthews is a big mouth loser who needs sexism or racism to keep his stupid show on the air. I say its time to boycott NBC until they get rid of this loser.

More And More Calls for Hillary to Run in 2012.

There are more and more calls for Hillary to run against Barack Obama in the Primary of 2012. These calls have always come from her most ardent supporters which I include myself as one of them. These calls are also coming from Rush Limbaugh hardly a Hillary supporter in fact he was at one time an Hillary Hater. There are more calls from the Media. Hillary is enjoying a high approval ratings that is much higher then her boss because frankly she is wonderful and he sucks but I digress.

What's the difference between Hillary and Obama? Hillary runs on soultions not Hope and change. She actually takes stands on issues while Obama sticks his fingers in the wind to see which way the wind is blowing.

Obama lost MA and from the looks of things he is going to lose the house how bad no one knows and since he won't stop and listen to the American people and insists on pushing this health care fiasco even though it cost him MA and NO ONE Likes this plan its full steam ahead.

I doubt there is going to be another Primary I actually think the empty suit will not be able to handle the thought of another four years. He will pull a Johnson and decide not to run.

So Hillary Worlders are we prepared for Hillary running again. She is going to need the media to be fair and without sexism we need to make sure if Tweety and Keith Oblemeanny are under our heels barely breathing. These two disquesting human beings shouldn't even have jobs especially since Tweety is an racist/sexist.

We also know what we are up against and its time to tackle these issues one at a time. We are also going to have to battle the left and the right at the same time. Those Obots are going to blame her if he doesn't run again like she messed up his administration when in fact she is the best thing in his administration.

Madame Secratary Hillarysmygirl16 is reporting for duty as a proud member of your army.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Number One Sexist Chris Matthews Is Also Racist
What did Chris Matthews the number one sexist mean by he forgot Barack Obama was black tonight after his state of the union address? He was commenting on Obama's being post racial. First of all there is no such thing as Post Racial. There is always going to be racial things and racism. No one would have ever said this about any politican "I forgot he was white tonight." I mean really he didn't seem like a white guy.
Chris Matthews needs to go as soon as possible hopefully people will start giving him hell
I am starting to believe that Matthews is both sexist and racist but he will only pick on the race or gender of people unlikely to fight back. Women have gotten much better in fighting back but because of the election of the first black President African Americans have become more accepting of racism. Not this African American woman.
Note to Chris Matthews there is nothing wrong with being black. I love the fact that Barack Obama has a black inflection in his voice. Do not confuse inflection with dialect because they are no where near the same thing. I don't want BO to be post racial if that means he forgets he is black. I may not like this President but I will defend him when someone makes a racist statement about him. Its funny but I only hear people who oppose him making any stink about this sort of racist behavior.
African Americans we can't go back in time we must continue to speak out against racism no matter rather the people supported Obama or not. How come it is up to the black people who DID NOT support this President to defend him against racism.
Note to Chris Brown "Black is beautiful" and regardless of how much you would like to pretend he is "post racial" he is still black and there is nothing wrong with that.
Chris Matthews your sexism and racism knows no bounds.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Loss in MA Makes the Democrats Rethink Health Care

On Tuesday a special election was held to fill the seat of Teddy Kennedy. A Democrat has held that seat for almost 50 years. Thanks to Obama and the Democrats in congress the seat now is red. What is the problem with Democrats who can't even hold on to the bluest of blue seats. The bluest state in the Country. Now the Dems are nervous. What will happen to NY who has two US Senators up for reelection. PA has Specter will he wish he had stayed a Republican. What about Boxer she is in big trouble. I expect Specter will keep his seat but few others will.
The Democrats are trying to save their behinds by rethinking health care something they weren't willing to do just a week ago. Why did Martha Coakley have to go down before the Democrats woke up and smelled the coffee?
The American people do not want the Congress to dictate what should go on. They are in office to represent what we want not force unpopular bills down our throats.
Will the Democrats do the right thing and perhaps save themselves are will they continue to make the wrong decision and force the American people to vote the bums out.
Frankly I want the checks and balances and I am always for having the White House in the hands of one party and the Congress in the hands of the other.
I think Obama is looking at 2012 and not liking his chances. I think he is going to save himself and veto this bill. He is actually in a damned if he does and damned if he doesn't scenero. I guess Mr. Man doesn't think being POTUS is so fun anymore. He is getting the blame for a health care plan he had nothing to do with. He is now taking more of a lead.
I am sorry Martha went down she is a loyal Clintonista and didn't deserve to become the latest victim of the Democratic party.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Democratic Women Should PUMA Try To Save Them?

Kristian Gillibrand voted for the health care plan that no one likes as did Barbara Boxer and every other Democratic Senator. Martha Coakley said she would support the health care plan despite saying she wouldn't in the Primary.
So my question is what is a PUMA to do?
Coakley hasn't voted for anything yet and its premature with her but her loss will cost the Democrats big.
Gillibrand is up for reelection and will more then likely face a Primary. I am hoping that Harold Ford takes her on and wins but if he doesn't take her on or if Obama and women's groups try to keep him on this PUMA is going to blog for the Republican rather its a male or female.
She voted for this disaster despite the fact that its not only unpopular in red states but also blue ones yet she sold her vote for some earmarks. She threw women under the bus and expects to just be allowed to continue serving. Sorry Kristian I tried to help you before and you thank me by passing this anti woman disaster.
I will also be supporting the Republicans against Boxer and any other woman who voted for this disaster.
I think its time that the PUMAs remember we formed saying Party Unity My Ass and we need to take on the Democratic party as it tries to force this horrible bill down our throats.
I am all for electing more women to congress but I don't want nor need mindless women who will just roll over half the population.
So what is a PUMA to do? I will support any candidate that did not vote for this bill rather they are Democrats are Republicans. I just hope the Republicans run more women.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gilibrand VS Ford. Why I Will Not Support the Woman This Time.

Kristian Gilibrand is up for election this year and one of the candidates who wish to primary her is Harold Ford. I hope he does run because Kristian did not stand up for women with her vote for health care reform. My guess is that someone bribed her perhaps with some earmarks for NY. She allows women to be thrown under the bus with this unpopular law.
I know a lot of women are going to be pissed off at me but like I told the African Americans who were pissed off at me in 2008 "Kiss My Ass" I will not be browbeaten to vote for one or the other I am African American and I am a woman. Its time both groups recognize that.
I would like Ford to take on Giliibrand because after December 2010 the one African American in the Senate will be gone.
Hillary Clinton already broke the ceiling for NY and now its time for the other ceiling to be broken. Its time to see if NY is ready to elect a black man to the Senate.
Kristian has proven over and over again that she will vote with Obama and the other Dems in congress despite the fact that she is supposed to be right of center.
This blog will never support any candidate who voted for this health care plan. Gilibrand did just this despite the fact that its very unpopular with everyone.
Liberals, conservatives, and moderates all agree on one thing this is a bad bill. Kristian cast her vote now its time to kick her to the curb.
The fact is that women have more representives in the Senate in African Americans do. Ford is just as qualified as Kristian is to become Senator.
I hope that this is a race free/ gender free fight and its clean but I fear the race or gender card if not both will be played.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

PUMAS Did NOT Vote for Obama

First of all Tim Wilson some idiot reporter decides he knows the PUMA movement which he says held their noses and voted for Obama. I guess he is confused because the original meaning of the word PUMA is Party Unity My Ass which if this idiot had half of a brain he would know that means for most of the life long Democrats that meant NO OBAMA. Most of the real PUMAs would rather bite off our own hand rather then vote for the fraud. I guess Tim Wilson must have been smoking some weed or crack or he is a drunk something is up with this retarded fool to think Most PUMAs voted for the empty suit.
I became a PUMA on June 3, 2008 and have remained a proud member of this organization since the beginning.
I voted for John McCain being one of the few members of my hood that did. He is right a lot of Hillary supporters voted for Obama and they were the ones holding their noses. They mostly voted for the fraud because Hillary told them too. This jackass of a reporter needs to get his facts straight but as most others in the media he can't even read.
A Real PUMA who voted McCain/Palin