Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Forum and Blog Wars Why this is Counter Productive.

There are people on the internet, that for whatever reason like drama. They want to destroy people and forums for no other reason then they have no lives. Perhaps they insult people to make themselves feel more important.
These people are best ignored but sometimes we have to speak up against these cyber bullies. There is a forum out there who wants to take down my forum and they are insulting not only myself but the members of our forum. They are now calling us "bots" and you know what that's ok I have been called a "bot" before and frankly it doesn't bother me at all. I know I am not an Obnoxious Obama supporter I am not even an Obama supporter. They call me this because I am black and proud or they call me this because they are just mean, vicious people. Call me what you want I know who and what I am so insult me whenever you please I just don't care. I draw the line when you stoop to blackmail and insults to the other people who are on my board. I draw the line when you steal other people's screen names and pass yourself off as that person. You didn't know the real person was going to find the board. I draw the line when forums post private messages for everyone to read in a public forum insulting two women who didn't deserve this. I draw the line at people threatening to take down my forum when in fact there is plenty of room for two.
There is a member of my forum who runs http://www.hillaryvillagers.net she is a good member and I am a member of hers. I prefer to build up her site rather then tear her site down. Our forums have the same goals which is far more important then the fact that we are two different forums. I am actually glad to have gotten to know the owner of this forum and the only war I am interested in is boosting memberships of both forums.
I frankly have decided that I don't care what other forums are doing or why a bunch of people are so mean and negative that they want to destroy people and their work but please know this you take down one of my forums then I will create five more to replace it. You cross the line with me or hack into my website I will have the FBI on your butts so fast your heads spin. Oh and never underestimate the power of the hood because we have a way of finding anyone that rivals the FBI without the legal restraints the FBI have so you want to mess with me your rot in federal Prison. One more thing get out of your mama's basement and start living a life you would be surprised how much better it is then to hide behind a computer keyboard and ruin people's lives. Oh and by the way people are starting to face charges for this kind of behavior.
There is enough room on the internet for all of us.
Notice I posted the link to the positive forum and ignored the other forum. The other forum isn't worth putting the link to.

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