Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hollywood Comes to the Aid of Child Rapist Hollywood Disquests Me

Hollywood stars are supporting Pedifile Roman Polenski the child rapist. They want him to be able to come back to the United States and rape more children perhaps.
That rapist pedifile should never come back into the United States as long as he lives. He is a disgrace and frankly I plan to boycot any star that supports a child rapist.
I was brutally raped as a child and I still bear the emotional and physical scars of the rape. I have had to have several surgeries to repair the damage of the rape.
Now Hollywood wants our Secretary of State to become involved in helping this disquesting animal to violate more American Children.
I am the same age as the victim of his horrendous crime and frankly I am sick of hearing everyone get blamed for what this pig did. It was Roman that raped this child.
Please Hillary stay out of this.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pittsburgh Welcomes The World The G-20 Comes to My City

The City of Pittsburgh welcomes the G-20 to its beautiful city. President Obama chose the city of Pittsburgh and I am glad he did. Pittsburgh is a wonderful city and very friendly. Pittsburgh has transformed itself from and Industrial town to a technology and health care industry.
I will be covering the G-20 from a locals prespertive.
Right now the city is basically impossible to travel around. Life here is on hold this weekend but for me its another chance to show the world how special of a city we actually are.
I hope the Steelers are playing out of town that weekend or travel would grind to a halt.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

1st woman takes charge of Army's drill sergeants - WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC-

1st woman takes charge of Army's drill sergeants - WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC-

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This is great news and its about time the Military comes into the 20th Century.

Racism Versus Playing the Race Card

I have been hearing a lot about racism lately and most of what I hear is not racism but disagreement with the first African American President but to Liberals it must be racism. The Liberals have done this very thing to Republicans for years and always drove me nuts. Conservatives don't have black people because they want limited Government. Liberals aren't free of racism because they believe the government should take care of everyone. The fact that Liberals are likely to assume that black people and poor people are the same thing which is frankly racist and personally I don't care what the race is of the people who spout this kind of garbage. I am also watching white people being called racist simply for disagreeing or calling Barack out on his sexism. Guess what Liberals that statement rather you are black or white is very racist. Calling white people racist simply because they are white means you are racist.
Lets now talk about real racism the racism I must encounter in the real world. There are the minor racism like not being able to hail a cab because of my skin color. There is other racism that hurts like police brutality which is more likely to happen to a young black man then any other group in this country. How about the teachers who are responsible for teaching our children regardless of color who tell young black kids especially if they are from the ghetto that they are not going to suceed or like my son's 6th grade teacher who assumed because he was a black male that he would rape her. He was 12 years old at the time.
I desegretated the local school district when I was a Senior in Highschool. It was covered on all the major networks and one of CNN's first major stories. We were barred from the school by angry white faces screaming "nigger" and other racist remarks. They started rocking the bus and damn near tipped us over. The National Guard had to escort us into the school where the Principal decided that we needed to be humiliated further by pointing out that we were late and giving us all detention he knew those whites were trying to kill us but he didn't give a damn.
I have spent my lifetime fighting against racism and to see people especially white Liberals and black politicians playing the race card inappropriately it makes me cringe. Its not going to be those white Liberals or those middle class politicians nor even the black middle class that is going to have to deal with real racism it is going to be the poor people who suffer and then no one will ever hear our cries because these idiots and racists want to play a card that is not race related but Policies related and that will be a real crime.
Racism exists but disagreeing with a black man is just that disagreeing with a black man. I am calling both black and white liberals out of this sort of thing because its wrong its divisive and its racist.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11 because We Must Never Forget

Eight years ago today one of the saddest and most tragic events in US history happend. A nut case decided that Americans deserved to die so he hired 19 other nut jobs and they highjacked four airplanes and hit four different targets.
The first two planes ended up in the World Trade Center and the other two ended up in a field outside of Pittsburgh and in the Pentagon and in all total almost 3,000 people died that day.
We Will Never forget the people who died that day as well as their families and the entire USA.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pretending in Afghanistan

Pretending in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan may turn into being Obama's Vietnam. Obama used Afghanistan to prove to the American people that he isn't weak on National Security. He is very weak and everyone knows that.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reality Check Our Girl Faces Great Dangers As SOS

It seems that while Secretary Clinton was in Africa a plot by terriorosts to bomb the hotel that she was scheduled to stay at was stopped by Intelligence. She was protected not only by our people and also the Kenyan government.

This reminds us that Hillary and the rest of the State Department face real dangers. I am glad that this plot was foiled but why did we not know anything about this? Where is the Media? They covered almost every other part about this trip yet only from the African Press do we hear anything about this.

Please everyone keep Hillary in your thoughts and prayers.

What Obama Says vs. What He Does

What Obama Says vs. What He Does

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I think that anyone should be wary about passing a law that doesn't take effect for years like after that President is out of office and he is only months into office. I am sorry but that means he wants to pass a bad law but be long out of office before anyone knows how bad it is.
Wednesday he is going to address congress again to pitch health care reform. However, I wonder if Health care reform is DOA. I don't think the blue dogs are going to be likely to vote for anything that includes a public option. What is Obama going to do?

Monday, September 7, 2009

California Senate to Feds: Back Off! | Tenth Amendment Center

California Senate to Feds: Back Off! | Tenth Amendment Center

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The feds should stay the hell out of the State's business. This is why you don't give to many rights to the federal government.
Marijaunia is very helpful if you have cancer or aids.

Happy Labor Day

I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor day.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

GOP's new diversity push - Alexander Burns -

GOP's new diversity push - Alexander Burns -

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Seems like the GOP has a lot of diversity in 2010 if they can get them through the Primarys. Its the same thing with the Democrats its just as hard getting an African American or a woman elected to a state wide office regardless of party.

Hating on Sarah Palin is Back This article suggests that people can buy a date with the former Governor of Alaska. I guess their ratings and hits were down because they had to write such an offensive article just so they can get the hits that Sarah's name brings.
Thanks to freemenow blog for this article : Its time women start speaking out loudly but this sort of behavior. Women have to stop being distracted by different parties or idealology and stand up for all women against sexism. We cannot allow the media and society turn every woman into a sex object.
The top link will be included on the hatin on Palin thread in my forum at

Hating on

Obama, The Mortal

Obama, The Mortal

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Obama's numbers have fallen drastically. He misread his win as a mandate but in reality his win was actually the Republican's loss. Next year the Republicans are likely to be in the majority of the house and senate. It won't be so easy to get his plans passed without bipartisan support.
He has proven that he is unable to reach across the ailse but he will have to learn or go home in 2012.

Right blasts Obama speech to students - Nia-Malika Henderson -

Right blasts Obama speech to students - Nia-Malika Henderson -

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I hope that the White decides not to try to pull this crap on the American people what in the world is wrong with this big headed ego manicial man.
I do not want my children tought his propaganda. I personally plan to sue the Department of education as well as my local school district and anyone else trying to force my child to listen to this man. He is not my President and my children should not have to be subjected to his drivel.
Why does this fool want to speak to school children its not like he knows how many states we have or that the Gettysburg address was a speech and not a signed document. My child will not be attending this fiasco nor will my child be participating in any assignments that come out of this evil man's agenda.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Clinton Orders Inquiry into Dieviant Behavior At Embassy in Kabal

Hillary is launching an investigation into private company guards at the embassy in Kabal behaving badly with both Prostutes and drinking. They were also peeing on people and drinking out of butt cracks. This is very disquesting behavior and I am glad the Secretary of State is looking into rather or not this is being done.
Hillary was giving a dossier by a Private group that sent her the 10 page document. Ian Kelly the spokesmen from the State Department said that Clinton was taking this report very serious and if the allegations were true she has zero tolerance for this sort of behavior.
Go Hillary Go

Thursday, September 3, 2009

School speech backlash builds - Nia-Malika Henderson -

School speech backlash builds - Nia-Malika Henderson -

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I do not want this man teaching my children any of his left wing policies. I don't like the idea that he is trying to indoctronate the Nation's school children. I plan to pull my kid out of class that day.

Obots Are Terrified About their Lord and Master Again.

Obots are terrified that their Lord and Master is in trouble. They are once again finding articles and insulting people.
First of all Obots must not be able to read. Don't mistake Obots for Obama supporters they are two different things an Obot is an idiot that cannot survive unless they are insulting everyone else. No ONE is going to have their comments published if they insult Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin or frankly every woman. Perhaps if Obots would act like Obama supporters then perhaps your comments would get published.
By the way Left wing Nut Jobs and anyone who is brave and stupid enough to make nasty comments about me is asking for trouble. I am not in the wrong party YOUR in the wrong country. No one in this Country is ever going to allow a Leftie to mess things up we did that it was called the Carter administration. Obama keeps listening to the likes of the Left wing nut jobs that can't debate things nicely but must resort to insults. We all know they live in their parent's basements and cause problems.
Obama supporters and Left wing people this post is not directed at you nor is the insults. This is for the Mentally disabled Obots an Obama supporter is someone who supports Obama He/she engages in debate and doesn't resort to insults. That's the same discription for a Left wing.
So Obots your never have a voice here.
Oh and by the way Liberals are better at silencing the right then the other way around. I would suggest reading history but that's how you can spot a difference between and Obama supporter and an disquesting foul Obot an Obama supporter can read and therefore is much better at debate then an Obot who will be permently sentenced to living in his parent's basement for the rest of his life. Can we say LOSER. The Media actually lies about the Liberals but most of the time Americans don't buy on.
Another thing idiot I am Independent I don't have a party you wee wee. I am also Pro gay which is more then I can say about the Liberal President Obama. I believe in actually allowing gay people to get married which is something I disagree with the Right Wing I believe Obama only wants civil unions as does all the rest of the politicans.
So please Obots and Left and Right Wing Nutjobs find someone else to harass. Let the Obama supporters and the Left wing nice people debate Obama's point but rudeness will never get you published.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

White House fears liberal war pressure - Mike Allen -

White House fears liberal war pressure - Mike Allen -

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I guess the Peace and Love people in this country won't be happy until this Country is ruined or attacked again.
I hope Obama doesn't cave to these Unamerican people.
To bad we can't deport these people to Russia since they are happier there. Richard Gere should be the first one gone then Cindy Sheenen - Reader Blogs - Reader Blogs

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This is a very positve article but it does contain lies about the whole bogas team of rivals crap. Everyone knows that Hillary was offered VP but turned him down using words that I can't print in this blog. She campaigned for him which tells me he offered her SOS or she demanded it. So MSM have once again proven to be LIARS.