Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clinton Heads to Liberia to Show Women Power

Hillary heads to Liberia today to show support for Africa's only female leader. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who faces calls to step down.
Africa's first female head of state has strong support overseas but Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission recently recommended that she be barred from Politics for 30 years and since she is 70 that basicially means forever. They want her banned for alleged involvement in the Country's civil wars between 1989 and 2003.
Clinton made women's rights a large part of her visit to Africa speaking out against rape and women being used as weapons of war in the Congo. She also comforted victims of rape.
In an interview in Nigeria Hillary said "No Country could reach a full stage of development without full participation of women.
If African Women decided to stop working tommorrow, the whole continent would shut down. People would not eat. Crops wouldn't get planted and harvested from a moral perspective we're in the 21st Century all human beings no matter what religion or ideology you reference have the right to reach their God given potiential and to many women in too many parts of Africa are not being fully developed." Clinton told Nigeria's popular talk show host Mo Abudu.
Hillary is still standing up for women and girls all over the world.
She's right America can't reach its full potential UNTIL we elect a woman as President.

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