Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hillary Supporters Can We All Just Get Along?

I know I know I feel like Rodney King here but this is how I feel?
Hillary Supporters seem like they are dividing into two different camps and this is breaking my heart. I have come to know and love so many women since Hillary started her campaign. We saw each other through good times and bad times. We laughed together and we cried together. We didn't care that some of us were Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We came together despite the fact that we were right wing as well as left wing.
I am very right wing and I am a die hard Hillary supporter yet recently I was attacked on facebook because I disagreed with the left I was told that I must support Hillary because she is a girl and all types of things. First of all they need to brush up on their Hillary information because their agruments were incorrect and second of all Hillary's foriegn Policy, hers, not Obama's is very conservative so there are lots of reasons for a right wing chick to like Hillary.
I am sick of being called a Republican I am as offended by that as I am when people call me a Democrat. I am an Independent.
There is also a rumor that HV was started by Republicans when that is not true. HV was started by a left wing Liberal and a moderate Democrat. Yes there was one Republican administrator but she is as loyal to Hillary Clinton as anyone else is and as for the other Admin she is an Independent. She is a right wing independent like I am.
I was never forced to support Gov. Palin and although I like the Governor a lot I am not sold on voting for her yet. Gov. Palin unlike Hillary Clinton has to show me what she has. Hillary did that a long time ago.
Obots are offensive creatures and yes people who voted for Obama were kept off that board because frankly they have more places online then people who oppose him do.
So do the Liberals want us to go away then want us to come back to Hillary it doesn't work that way. We are going to have to find a way to get along.
I don't think Hillary would want us to break up in fact you all know she wants us to stay together. Its OK to disagree but the name calling on both sides must stop.
I wonder if the Left wing doesn't want anyone right wing to vote for Hillary I wonder if they know they are hurting her. She wouldn't like that.
We can always debate without insulting people. That's a good way to heal the bridges that are cracking under the pressure.
I do not want Obama in my face 24-7 and I certainly am not going to support this administration except for Hillary.
Obama is where the first split happened. Some of us voted for him and some of us didn't. We seperated then because we had to but after the election people who supported Obama during the General were called Obots and sent away. That began to change for some of us because for me in order to get our girl elected then we are going to have to depend on each other.
It is time for both the Right and the Left to get it together and start working out our problems.
Do we want Hillary in the White House if we don't we will continue to blame the Republicans when funny thing is it was the Democrats who stole this election.
I am also tired of sticking up for my friend who is a Republican. I m tired of this because she doesn't deserve the insults she has had to endure. She is a die hard Hillary supporter and she was insulted on another friend's blog. I wonder if the person who insulted her bothered to find out how much time, effort, and work this person put in for our girl. What would happen if she decided to leave Hillary and go to Sarah since after all she would still be voting her party. Her one vote could decide that Hillary becomes President or not. Remember that in our goal to get Hillary elected there are other people besides Democrats that Hillary needs to win any election.
We may find a common ground if we meet in a place that is Hillary's only. No Barack and No Sarah. I created one I wonder if the Lefties will join or will I just be called another Republican.
PUMAs must start accepting Hillary supporters who voted party and the Left wing of the party must start accepting the right wing supporters and stop insulting them.
I love all you guys but I must stand up and say enough is enough. We have to get along because it is Hillary who will suffer.
HV wasn't brought down by the Republicans either it was brought down by the Obama administration or his supporters. We were infilitrated during the Primary. Its not the Right wing who did this but Obama loving, women hating Ultra Left Liberals.
The Republicans had no interest in taking us down they had more interest keeping us up. the Obama administration is the one who wants to get rid of Hillary.
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Optixmom said...

I hear Republicans will do anything for pie. ;-)

adugan said...

well said
it was the DEMOCRAT'S superdelegates who selected Obama, not the winner of the popular vote. They selected Obama, not the one who polled better against McCain

Anonymous said...

Hi there ... Great post. I completely agree. For some reason, today when I finally went over to Hillary's World (survivors) they think I am Ace. I am actually MotherofThree (CountryFirst) from the old days. And they have banned me.

Do you have any theories? I really would like to communicate with everyone there.

Never heard of this Ace person.

Hillarysmygirl16 said...

There is a problem with double IDs I reinstated you and temporary removed the moderating privilages of the other Motherofthree.
Ace was the tech guy on the old HV he is a hacker and all around creep. He and his little stupid, drunken, Pill popper girlfriends are trying to take the site down.

Anonymous said...

Wow, destroyed from within? That is creepy. I remember seeing posts from Ace back in the day, now that I think about it.

I'm very non-tech savvy. I just like being among friendly folks who like to discuss politics. But I start getting paranoid when they take down sites I love: HV ... and for awhile, Hillbuzz... and Sarah Palin's Facebook page has been hacked (and is now being taken over by zealous cretinous "moderators" who are deleting people for critizing The One. They let some stuff go through to preserve their cover, but they have banned many supporters.)

Does the Obot machine have this much control? It sure seems to.

(the real MotherofThree)