Friday, October 30, 2009

The Rape of a 15 Year Old in California.

This story is disturbing on so many levels and while Optixmom and I were busy researching this story for our blog peice on the New Agenda and taking part in the Action Alert that I posted on my forum
I was amazed at some of the things that I heard and others heard from the school officials. One idiot told me as well as several other bloggers that these things were bound to happen in bad areas. First of all bad things like this happen everywhere and they are no more likely to happen in poor neighborhoods then they are likely to happen in rich neighborhoods or middle class neighborhoods. They are more likely to happen on college campuses where very few poor people attend. This is just another example of passing the buck and blaming the victim.
People are blaming the victim because she was drinking or lived in a bad neighborhood neither of these offenses call for her being raped and frankly where she lives isn't even a crime.
The fact is that some street kids decided to rape a girl for either street cred or to join a street gang. They would have done anything to become a member even murder. Anyone willing to murder to join a gang doesn't care about raping a teenage girl.
The police have arrested six men involved with the rape as suspects. I hope they are prosecuted t0 the full extent of the law.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Madame Secretary

Today is Hillary Rodham Clinton's 62nd birthday. Happy Birthday Madame Secretary. Thanks for all the inspriation that you have given me over the years.
I will never forget campaigning for you during the Primary and during both of your Senate runs. I also look forward to campaigning for you in the future.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Defending Darrah and Amy Against Racist Attacks at the Daily Kos

Folks I am sick to death of the racists at the Daily Kos calling other people racist simply because they oppose President Obama. We PUMAs are well aware of the race card being played by the people at the daily Kos. Darrah Murphy of PUMA Pac is called a racist and has had death threats issued against her simply because she doesn't like President Obama.
Amy Suskind who is not a PUMA just a woman interested in promoting other women even if they are Republicans. I have a lot of respect for Amy for the work that she does. What the idiots at the Daily Kos doesn't understand about Amy is that she is interested in all women not just white middle class women but ALL women. NOW does not even try to understand poor women except to protect their reproductive rights.
This article manages to try to destroy the reputations of two very nice and decent women because they oppose Obama.
Lets discuss this article written by White middlle class people who wouldn't understand the problems that a lot of inner city black people face if their lives depended on it.
The idiots that felt the need to point out that Amy doesn't care about poor minority women doesn't know that I am working with Amy and I am a poor minority woman. This article suggests that Minority women face more racism then men this is not only so completely wrong its offensive that someone who has never been pulled over because of the color of their skin can assume they know what they are talking about.
African American males have always bore the brunt of racism. It is black males who are more likely to be murdered in a racist attack. It is black males who are more likely to be beaten by the police. It is black males who are more likely to be told by teachers that they are "nothing" or that they are "thugs". It is black males who bare the brunt of racism.
A black woman is more then likely going to make more money then her husband and be promoted. A black woman is more likely to get respect from teachers.
I am tired of the Daily Kos and I am sick of the race card.
What I do know is that this particular writer is a racist because he thinks that if you oppose a black man then you are racist. If you oppose a black man BECAUSE he is a black man then you are indeed racist but if you oppose him because you think he is a big sleeze then your not racist. Frankly I despise Barack Obama and I certainly ain't racist against my own people. I am a proud member of PUMA and I am a daily reader of the PUMA Pac Blog funny I never read anything
remotely racist. I think I am a better judge of rather Darrah Murphy is racist or not.
I recently joined the New Adgenda and have gotten to know Amy Suskind again I haven't found anything offensive about the New Agenda in regards to race. Amy is looking out for women all women and this minority woman thinks she is doing a great job.
So who are the racists Bigot Basher the writer of this article is most definately racist. He must have guilty feelings because it is usually the guilty whites who play the race card.
To the black people playing the race card its not you who are going to suffer because of this it is going to be the black people in the hood. STOP IT NOW.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why This African American is Offended by the Peace Prize Given to Obama.

The very left leaning Nobel Peace Prize committee decided they were going to heal Africa by giving a man the Peace Prize even though he has done nothing to deserve this. This is very offensive to me because the committee did not choose a man who was black but a black man. The difference is when you give an award to a black man make sure he actually deserves that award. Obama got a peace prize for being a black man. He did not stop the violence in the hood which is something he promised to the ghettos of America. He did not negotiate any peace deals between two Countries. He didn't heal race relations He didn't walk on water. He did nothing but have black skin. I wonder who he was up against and wonder how they feel losing this prize to a man who did nothing to deserve it.
Don't judge a person good or bad based on the color of his skin.
Obama will deserve this award only if he earns it. The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Whoopie Goldberg Shut the Hell Up Rape is Rape.

I am so angry at Whoopie Goldberg for coming to the aid of Child rapist Roman Polinski by saying what happened to the 13 year old back in 1975 wasn't really rape. What was it then? Whoopie like the rest of Hollywood needs to pull their heads out of their asses and admit rape is rape. I get so tired of hearing people dismiss rape like the only type of rape is the type that is physically violent or where a weapon is used. I am sick of people dismissing rape because the woman had a prior or current sexual relationship with the rapist. I am sick of people saying "But he is her husband."
NO means NO regardless of the relationship with the Rapist or the past of the rape victim.
Whoppie Goldberg needs to lose her job because this is a very sexist remark. Its time we take on women as well as men who make sexist comments.
Lets Send Whoopie a message loud and clear. Rape is Rape regardless if the perp is a well known director or a man from the hood.
Shut the Hell up Whoopie.