Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Chickens and Their 2010 Roost

2009 Chickens and Their 2010 Roost
Obama and his peace and love have only made us look weak. Democrats who run for POTUS have to stop being so afraid of upsetting other people in the world. I am sorry we cannot do this without looking weak. I do not want to look weak. Terriorists don't care that BO is trying to be their friend. They want to kill as many Americans as possible. He tried to preach to China and China reminded the USA that we owe them money. We should just tell China to kiss our azz but again this President is just to weak.
This is why I never vote for peace and love and hope and change because its not only nonsense its weak.

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 The Year In Review

Jan of this year this Country swore in the 44th President and the first African American to hold that position. I am not a supporter of BO but I am glad that ceiling was broken although I wish it was by someone other then Mr I Have to please everyone.

Hillary Rodham Clinton left the Senate and became SOS. She was one of the best choices as Obama is a Dove and Hillary a strong Hawk. We need Hawks to head both the State and Defense Departments because frankly we need to be able to frighten the bad guys out to destroy our country. Hillary is a very popular Secretary of State with poll numbers showing that the majority of Republicans approve of the job she is doing. Her approval ratings are a lot higher then those of her boss who is below 50 and heading into the low 40s range. Hillary has approval ratings in the upper 70s.

We have also had a few terriorist attacks involving Muslims. One man was an Army shrink who shot 23 people killing 13. He was taken down by a female Police officer and was in a coma.

On Christmas day another nut case decided he was going to blow up a plane in Detroit killing as many people as possible but the passengers twarted that flight.

Obama issued weak statements on both attacks but nothing that is going to help keep this sort of thing from happening again.

We had the balloon boy and his nutty parents and the Obama gate crashers. Rather you like Obama or not putting his life in danger should be treated as a serious crime even if their intention was only publicity. Here's something the media can do and that is stop giving these nut cases 15 minutes of fame and these knuckleheads will start using their brains.

Sarah Palin wrote a best selling book while Nancy Pelosi's book flopped. Sarah's numbers are as high as Obama's and she is no longer an elected official.

Chelsea Clinton announced her engagement and Hillary fell and broke her elbow. The press used that event to discuss how Obama was marginalizing Hillary more then likely just to keep that fued up and running. Who cares about facts in the media anymore when fiction is so much better. I wonder if these yahoo's in the media realize that a sitting President and his/her Secretary of State should be on the same side. Yes idiots in the media the President should have his/her SOS's back and she should have it. The media also plays with other non stories that pitted Hillary against Rice and Samantha Powers but Obama always took Clinton's side because after all why appoint someone to the State Department and refuse to listen to her. Had he listened to these yahoos then this Country would be in grave danger.

Oprah's show is over mainly because she endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and the Republican women/Hillary supporters never forgave her for that and they left her show in droves.

Obama won the Peace Prize for no reason whatsoever and should have given it back but since he has no class that wasn't going to happen.

Michelle Obama became the third most malianged woman in America although she is guilty of nothing except planting her garden. She hasn't said anything offensive yet she is maliagned and not just from people opposed to her husband. I have had to defend this woman against rich stuck up black people who looked down their noses because Michelle was born in the ghetto. I thought Michelle was to nice to these snobs I feel she should have told them to kiss her ghetto butt. I am not a fan of Michelle Obama but I intend to never again stand by and allow another woman to go through what Hillary Clinton went through.

We replaced Sandra Day O'Conner with Justice Sotomyer women had to force Obama to name her.

Teddy Kennedy died of brain cancer and his neice Caroline ran into the fist of the Clinton's when she lost her bid to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

Bill Richardson is facing indictment or investigation and got zip from Obama for his betrayal of the Clinton's and of course John Edwards got caught cheating and has a baby.

Health Care is going to be passed despite its unpopuliarity which frankly means the Dems can kiss their seats good bye.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas To All of Hillarysworld

Merry Christmas to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with for the past two years. We first began meeting during the Primary and have come to depend on each other and relay on each other during the difficult days of the Primary.

Most of us then became PUMAs and fighting the Party that many of us have belonged too all of our lives.

I am so happy to have met and worked with all of you wonderful people. We have managed to do a lot in the past few years. Looking at Hillary's approval ratings have proved to the world that never again will anyone be able to say "No one Loves Hillary." We have proven that a lot of us love Hillary and always will

So to the greatest group of people on the Planet--Hillary Supporters I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Democrats Screw Women Again. Where are the Voices of the Women?

Well the Senate Democrats all 60 of them have voted on one of the most sexist peices of legistation in my lifetime. The Democrats who claim to be Pro life and most of them claim this nonsense have compromised their so called beliefs to cater to one Democrat by leaving abortion coverage up to the States which would basically get rid of abortion in red states.
I am disquested by the way use of abortion and mamagrams are being used by the party that is supposed to be pro women. I wonder why the use of viagra and prostate checks aren't being debated in the senate. I guess we should be glad that the Stupid Dummycrats haven't outlawed a woman's period.
I am fed up with a party that first of all allowed Hillary Clinton to be abused then participated in sexism against Sarah Palin. I am surprised that Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein two pro woman women would allow this travisty to take place.
Where are the angry voices of women? Why did not one female Democratic senator stand up for their sisters all over the country? Senator Snowe is the only female who decided not to vote for this bad peice of law.
Perhaps now women will stop voting for a party that has no respect for them. Perhaps now women will stand up and say to both parties that Neither party can take their votes for granted anymore.
This monstrostry will become law one day and this upsets me. It is my hope that people vote these Democrats out all of them. I plan to vote against either of my senators who voted for this as well as my Rep who voted for the equally stupid house version.
Its time for women to demand respect don't debate our health care issues unless you are willing to take on those health issues suffered mainly by men.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hillary Supporters are Shouting "I TOLD YOU SO" Watching the Obots Coming Off the Kool Aid

The past several weeks I have been watching and reading about how the Obots are falling out of love with Obama. They have begun the withdrawl from the kool aid they had been drinking since the Primaries.
Obama made a lot of promises to different groups of people even though his history of keeping promises have been horrible. Obama has always said whatever he needed to get elected or reelected. Obama ran to the left for the Primaries so that he can gain the liberal votes. It worked but the Liberals expected Universal Health care and a Single payer system that is not what they got. Hillary supporters knew this and tried to tell the liberals that they were making a mistake but Hillary was to much of a Hawk for the Liberals so they fell for the Peace and Love and Hope and Change dude and what did they get for that an increase in troops in Afghanistan. He promised he would close Gitmo Bay but that is unlikely. First of all he would be wrong to close that prison because where the hell else are you going to send them. Second of all he would never be elected to a second term if he did close that prison. Its like this the Peace and Love people are not the majority of people in this country most of the people do not want terriorists running around our country. They especially don't want them in NY.
So the Liberals are complaining because of the health care reform bill that isn't exactally health care reform. The young people are complaining because they bought into the whole peace and hope thing and now they find out that their man is nothing but a snake oil salesman.
Hillary supporters knew all of this. Obama sold women down the river even though NOW supported him and now they know that he is a Pig. Anyone who watched the Democratic Primary should know that Obama is a PIG and always has been. Hillary supporters knew this from the beginning but were called bitter racists because they shared this information with the Obots.
Now what are the Obots calling themselves for disagreeing with Obama are they racist? I would say perhaps the next time they have the urge to call someone racist for not agreeing with Obama that they have now become the racists. Perhaps they have learned a lesson.
Perhaps the next time a snake oil salesman comes to town perhaps these same people will do a little bit of research. Perhaps then they will save the rest of us the bother of having to deal with an incompent idiot as President.
We are not just whispering "I told you so" We are shouting it from the rooftops.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How the Public Graded Obama - Real Clear Politics –

How the Public Graded Obama - Real Clear Politics –
The Public graded Obama with a C- or D much lower then the fool graded himself. I am sorry but he hasn't done shit. The man was given a peace prize he did not deserve and was worshipped by the Press. However, the Public has lost interest in the fraud. Liberals who voted for this jerk are all crying the blues because he is not the person they thought he was. The Kids are whinning about how he let them down and whah whah cry me a river. How about next time you do some research on politicans before you cast that vote. Friends don't let friends vote for hope and change.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climategate: Who are the 'deniers' now? -

Climategate: Who are the 'deniers' now? -
I want to know when they are going to come clean with this bogus information. I have suspected that Scientists have been playing with the facts for far to long and like one of my friends in the field says that there is only 100 years of weather data available and therefore unlikely to be very helpful. Global Warming is much ado about nothing.



Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ethics probes may saddle Democrats in 2010 - -

Ethics probes may saddle Democrats in 2010 - -
It seems that every day More and more Democrats are being investigated by ethics probes. This is going to cause problems for Nancy Pelousy and the rest of the crooked Democrats next year when the entire house and 1/3rd of the Senate are up for reelection. I hope more and more of these lying cheating Democrats get busted.