Saturday, August 1, 2009

The N Word and The B Word.

Washington Post recently wrote a peice telling Hillary Clinton she needs a b**ch beer. First of all I have had the pleasure of meeting Secretary Clinton several times during her Presidential campaign. She is a lot of things she is warm, funny, and engaging. She has a way of making you feel like you are the most important person in the world even if you are just a girl from the hood like I am. She is a lot of things but b**ch isn't one of them.

Two words in American English that are extemely vile and should never be mentioned by the media is N***er and the other one is b**ch both are equally vile and mean. We have come a long way in regards to the N-word it is no longer acceptable to say that word without causing the person who uttered that word many problems and that is how it should be.

Sadly it is not the same way with the B-Word. African American women as well as other minorities have some sort of protection but for white women it is perfectally acceptable to refer to white women as white b**ches. I am saying this as an African American woman I find that to be both racist and sexist. It is not ok to say that white women are b**ches. Its not acceptable to call any woman these names and it certainly isn't OK to add a race and say its OK.

I am not accepting this sort of behavior anymore. Stop referring to all women as the Bword.
Look at the above pics does that look like a bitch to you.

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Optixmom said...

I completely agree. There should be no rational for using either word. This whole "ownership" of vile words is just crazy.

Knock them off of your use list. They cause nothing but animosity, so the sooner we rid ourselves of them, the better.