Friday, July 31, 2009

Clinton Speaks out Against Rape as Weapon of War.
Hillary Clinton plans to visit Congo during her visit to Africa next week. She plans to address rape being used as an weapon of war. I am proud of our SOS for taking such a stand. This is an issue that has always been ignored. We are so caught up with culture that we forget about the women and their rights. Women are not usually the ones who start war yet it is women who pay the price when they are sold into slavery or raped. This needs to stop and its time women all over the world speak out against this.
Hillary has once again proven that she is a real leader and women of the world are so lucky that she is our SOS and soon will be our President.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hillary's Meet the Press Interview and Comments.

Hillary spent the entire hour on Meet the Press not 15 minutes or 30 minutes but the entire hour. I have never seen a sitting Secretary of State have more then an half hour on Meet the Press and Hillary got the entire hour. Its because she is now and will always be a major player.
Obama's poll numbers are in and they continue to fall.
Hillary Clinton answered a question where she didn't rule out a Presidential run she didn't say she would. She cannot say that she is planning on running for President because besides making the Obots heads explode it is much to soon and she needs to be able to do her job so she was honest when she said she had enough on her plate she is smart and she also knows the pit bulls, and I don't intend to insult the pit bulls) in the media would get a jump start on trying to derail her possibly putting this Country at risk although I really don't think dirt bags like Chris Matthews and Keith O care about that.
Obama is making a mess out of health care and he is falling in the polls. He will continue to do so because he is an empty suit who just ran for President so he can retire and spend the rest of his life going on vacation. This puts Hillary in a very good position because Hillary already had her shot at Health Care and she learned what does Oblahblah do he puts up the same health care plan that Hillary submitted in 1994.
Hillary is planning on another race she may not be planning one against the current idiot in office but she is most definitely planning on running in 2016.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Matthew Littman's Double Standard (The New Agenda 07-25-09)

Matthew Littmans stood up for Hillary but thinks its ok to compare the Governor of Alaska and the first female VP Nominiee for the Republican party to a trashy tv show. He then goes on to disrespect a female consultant who disagreed with him by talking down to her.
The Democratic Party thinks its all for women as long as they are Democrats but even then they don't back their own look at how the Democrats treated Hillary Clinton during the Primary.
Women need to hold the Democratic Party accountable for their actions. Its time to stop saying its ok to tear down Sarah because she is a Pro Life Republican she is still a woman and when women allow this to go on it tears all of us down.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slipping in polls, Obama tries to shore up health overhaul | McClatchy

Slipping in polls, Obama tries to shore up health overhaul | McClatchy

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America is waking up he didn't seal the deal again.

North Korea Disses Hillary After Tough Talk Bride of Chuky insults My Girl
Bride of Chucky is insulting Hillary because he is a weak little man who must have lots of power to feel like a man.
Hillary is the only person in the Obama administration that has any "balls" and thank God for that. Obama needs to always talk tough with North Korea they have only been messing with America for longer then I have been alive.
We have to protect ourselves. I wish people would quit with the idea that we have to loved no we need to be feared. Its time to stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks and concentrate on keeping Americans safe.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Clinton Travels to India, Meets with Leaders, Speaks Out on Climate Change and Terrorism

Hillary Clinton made her first trip since she broke her elbow in June. The Media kept insisting that Hillary was being marginalized by the Obama administration. First of all regardless of rather or not he hates her and she hates him. It is not in Obama's best interest to get rid of Hillary. Its bad enough he overshadowed Hillary during her press confrence This hurts him in the long run. He needs to heal that rift caused by the Primary if he wants to continue to be supported by the women who decided to vote for him after Hillary. This may not happen again if he doesn't stop doing stuff like this.

Hillary spoke out strongly against terriorism actually calling it terriorism unlike other members of the Obama administration. I have no idea why Obama is so afraid to call a spade a spade. We can not coddle the people who want to destroy us. We must remain tough.

Today Hillary met with the leaders of India to discuss several important issues such as emmissions and other issues. She wants the US and India to build a closer relationship.

Women on the Verge of the Law--Sonia Sotomoyor and Anita Hill

Women have come a long way but we haven't come far enough. Women have still never broken the gender barrier for POTUS or VP and we are seriously underrepresented in both the Congress and the Supreme Court.

What about women in the law profession? How far have women come since the Clarence Thomas hearings in 1992 which resulted in the largest election wins for women in Congress.

I remember the Thomas Hearings and how these Senators kept beating up on this poor woman to protect Thomas another male. The Democrats weren't innocent they were the majority in the Congress at the time and they did nothing to help Anita Hill they let her twist in the wind.

Fast Forward to last week and the Sotomayor confirmation hearings.

Sonia Sotomayor did not suffer in the same way as Anita Hill there did not seem to be a free for all this time and as nominated to the Supreme Court she should be grilled about what she believes and how she plans to vote. Males nominated for the Supreme Court also must go through a tough hearing. I expect nothing less from the Senate.

Senators who were at both hearings did not want another Anita Hill because they still have flashbacks of 1992. Arlen Spector almost lost reelection that year to a woman and so many women were sworn in after Anita Hill that neither the Democrats and the Republicans do not want to look like Sexist pigs.

I wish women would remember the treatment that Anita Hill got in 1992 and stop voting for Roe vs Wade which of course is established law and will never be overturned. This is not the only issue out there for women. We need more female faces in the House and the Senate.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pics of Hillary's Trip to India

I love these pics of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is currently traveling to India and Pakistan.

Education and Service Workers Washington Meets Bollywood

The campus of St. Xavier's College in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) was buzzing in anticipation of Secretary Clinton's town hall style meeting. The historic Gothic heritage building was filled with the beaming faces of young volunteer teachers from NGOs Teach for India as well as Teach India.As the Secretary entered the room, television cameramen and print media photographers jostled for position while the audience members craned their necks for a better view. After all, it's not every day that the U.S. Secretary of State joins in conversation with Bollywood. But today, Secretary Clinton was joined by Aamir Khan, one of India's most famous, critically acclaimed, and socially conscious actors and directors. The conversation was steered by Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, a top Indian news channel. Mr. Khan and Mr. Goswami warmly greeted the Secretary, and she reciprocated. She then turned to the gathering of approximately 75 young educators, who were clearly bristling with excitement at the chance to interact directly with public figures they hold in such high esteem. Secretary Clinton connected with them, underlining the importance of education in the world's largest, and the world's oldest, democracies. She and Mr. Khan agreed that classroom education is less effective when focused merely on rote memorization or tests.

Secretary Clinton inspires people all over the world. She is a wonderful Secretary of State and she will be a wonderful President.

Welcome to Hillary's World.

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I am not going to allow anyone to be silenced.
This blog welcomes both supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Governor Palin as well as most other women.
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