Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama and Members of Congress Use Thugery and Lies To Silence the American People.
The White House wants you to now spy on your neighbors and report people who do not want Universal Health Care. They want Americans to report blogs and forums simply for disagreeing with them. We are a Democracy and really we have the right to oppose any politican or policy we do not like. Having the right to disagree with our President and members of Congress is one of the things that make this Country the best Country in the entire world.
In this article the White House tells Democrats how to avoid questions that concerned Americans may have with the current Health Care Plan that is being discussed by saying " If they hit us we will punch back even harder." This from a man who had his black panther friends intimidate people on election day then of course let them get away with this. This is also the man who bussed busloads of young thugs into the Caucus states to intimidate older women from voting for Hillary. Obama thinks he is a G when in fact he is just a skinny little crybaby punk.

There are more and more of these stories in the press everyday. When is America going to wake up and hold Barack Obama accountable. They are going to wake up and when they do the Democratic Members of Congress who vote for this disaster will end up out of a job. Health care may end up being what sends Obama back to IL.

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