Monday, August 17, 2009

Homeboy Industries facing Fiancial Problems This Upsets Me.

Homeboy Industries a job training program that works with gang members who want to go straight is facing fiancial difficulties due to the economy.
This saddens me because they are a fantastic program that saved the lives of thousands of young people in LA. They give the former gang bangers jobs, training , and college as well as removing gang tattoos.
Rev. Greg Boyle the priest who runs this program has walked through gun fire to quell gang violence and who has gotten rival gang members to sit down and talk. He is now facing fiancial loss and is trying to prevent his doors from closing. He is also suffering from cancer but he seems more concerned about Homeboy Industries then he does about whatever pain the cancer is causing him. He is such a good man and Homeboy Industries is a wonderful place. I hope that perhaps President Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation will get involved and step in and save this good organization.
It is difficult enough trying to get out of a gang and now there may be one less program to make that transition a lot smoother. A former gang member undergoes a lot of pressure to sell drugs and make big money as well as being with what may be their only family. What is going to happen to them? Without jobs and training I fear a lot of the homies will just go back to banging.
What about the young man who is looking for jobs and has gang tatoos. One of the most valuable services this organization offers is the removal of tatoos. Without that program so many young people will not be hired who is going to hire someone who has gang tatoos.
Here is the link to their organization
I hope someone will help keep these very important doors open.

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