Tuesday, August 4, 2009

President Clinton Goes to Korea to Negotate for Release of American Journalists.

Bill Clinton is called into duty again by the man who basically said that the Popular two term President was irreverent. So he is irreverent is he? Funny how the Obama administration now thinks President Clinton is very relevant.

Did Hillary ask the former President to do this? More then likely she did as SOS and not as a wife. Knowing President Clinton's respect for the White House he more then likely also talked to the current President because Bill Clinton is not the type to interfere with the sitting President but he will assist the President when asked like he did for GWB.

Bill Clinton cares about this Country and its damn sure time everyone know that. The media treated him so bad for years. Bill just does what he has to and that has to just kill the media. People like myself still love Bill Clinton and always will. Sure I disagreed with a lot of things he did. I hate Don't Ask Don't Tell but I understand that happens. What I like is that he did what he was elected to do. We were safe and happy. He was a good President and he is a wonderful former President. His foundation helps billions of people all over the world.

Why Bill Clinton? Because he can get those women home. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't escort them home himself. He has built up decades of credibility all over the world. He is loved all over the world. That's why Bill Clinton because Bill Clinton can get the job done.

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