Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yes Chris Matthews Black People Do Not Want to Forget They Are Black nor Do They Want You to Forget.

The media has been talking about Barack Obama transending race since he entered the frey. They assume that this is what most black people want. Why would we want to forget we are black we are proud to be black and we are proud of our culture. Chris Matthews apperently doesn't understand that we don't want to become white people even for an hour.

Chris Matthews has been saying really stupid things for a long time and instead of apologizing and moving on he decides that it really isn't even that important.

After Barack's horrible SOTU speech, which I thought was horrible and lousy, Chris, Tingles , Matthews said "I forgot he was black for an hour" This left me and my family stunned. "What's that supposed to mean we asked. "What's wrong with being black?"

Chris Matthews refused to take this back even though he offended a lot of people he still thinks that is the way to heal race relations in this country for black people to just turn white.

I grew up in a very pro black household. We were proud of being black and we celebrated our culture and community. We had each other when everyone else turned against us.

I remember being a little girl and not allowed to swim in public pools.

My grandmother remembers people being lynched for "reckless eyeballing" That means a black man looking at a white woman not necessary for lust it was a death sentence.

Chris Matthews perhaps you should just put in white people when you want to talk to black people. Try saying things like "I forgot he was a white guy." I think you would understand just how offensive that remark was.

Chris Matthews is a big mouth loser who needs sexism or racism to keep his stupid show on the air. I say its time to boycott NBC until they get rid of this loser.

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