Sunday, January 31, 2010

More And More Calls for Hillary to Run in 2012.

There are more and more calls for Hillary to run against Barack Obama in the Primary of 2012. These calls have always come from her most ardent supporters which I include myself as one of them. These calls are also coming from Rush Limbaugh hardly a Hillary supporter in fact he was at one time an Hillary Hater. There are more calls from the Media. Hillary is enjoying a high approval ratings that is much higher then her boss because frankly she is wonderful and he sucks but I digress.

What's the difference between Hillary and Obama? Hillary runs on soultions not Hope and change. She actually takes stands on issues while Obama sticks his fingers in the wind to see which way the wind is blowing.

Obama lost MA and from the looks of things he is going to lose the house how bad no one knows and since he won't stop and listen to the American people and insists on pushing this health care fiasco even though it cost him MA and NO ONE Likes this plan its full steam ahead.

I doubt there is going to be another Primary I actually think the empty suit will not be able to handle the thought of another four years. He will pull a Johnson and decide not to run.

So Hillary Worlders are we prepared for Hillary running again. She is going to need the media to be fair and without sexism we need to make sure if Tweety and Keith Oblemeanny are under our heels barely breathing. These two disquesting human beings shouldn't even have jobs especially since Tweety is an racist/sexist.

We also know what we are up against and its time to tackle these issues one at a time. We are also going to have to battle the left and the right at the same time. Those Obots are going to blame her if he doesn't run again like she messed up his administration when in fact she is the best thing in his administration.

Madame Secratary Hillarysmygirl16 is reporting for duty as a proud member of your army.

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