Thursday, January 28, 2010

Number One Sexist Chris Matthews Is Also Racist
What did Chris Matthews the number one sexist mean by he forgot Barack Obama was black tonight after his state of the union address? He was commenting on Obama's being post racial. First of all there is no such thing as Post Racial. There is always going to be racial things and racism. No one would have ever said this about any politican "I forgot he was white tonight." I mean really he didn't seem like a white guy.
Chris Matthews needs to go as soon as possible hopefully people will start giving him hell
I am starting to believe that Matthews is both sexist and racist but he will only pick on the race or gender of people unlikely to fight back. Women have gotten much better in fighting back but because of the election of the first black President African Americans have become more accepting of racism. Not this African American woman.
Note to Chris Matthews there is nothing wrong with being black. I love the fact that Barack Obama has a black inflection in his voice. Do not confuse inflection with dialect because they are no where near the same thing. I don't want BO to be post racial if that means he forgets he is black. I may not like this President but I will defend him when someone makes a racist statement about him. Its funny but I only hear people who oppose him making any stink about this sort of racist behavior.
African Americans we can't go back in time we must continue to speak out against racism no matter rather the people supported Obama or not. How come it is up to the black people who DID NOT support this President to defend him against racism.
Note to Chris Brown "Black is beautiful" and regardless of how much you would like to pretend he is "post racial" he is still black and there is nothing wrong with that.
Chris Matthews your sexism and racism knows no bounds.

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