Sunday, January 17, 2010

Democratic Women Should PUMA Try To Save Them?

Kristian Gillibrand voted for the health care plan that no one likes as did Barbara Boxer and every other Democratic Senator. Martha Coakley said she would support the health care plan despite saying she wouldn't in the Primary.
So my question is what is a PUMA to do?
Coakley hasn't voted for anything yet and its premature with her but her loss will cost the Democrats big.
Gillibrand is up for reelection and will more then likely face a Primary. I am hoping that Harold Ford takes her on and wins but if he doesn't take her on or if Obama and women's groups try to keep him on this PUMA is going to blog for the Republican rather its a male or female.
She voted for this disaster despite the fact that its not only unpopular in red states but also blue ones yet she sold her vote for some earmarks. She threw women under the bus and expects to just be allowed to continue serving. Sorry Kristian I tried to help you before and you thank me by passing this anti woman disaster.
I will also be supporting the Republicans against Boxer and any other woman who voted for this disaster.
I think its time that the PUMAs remember we formed saying Party Unity My Ass and we need to take on the Democratic party as it tries to force this horrible bill down our throats.
I am all for electing more women to congress but I don't want nor need mindless women who will just roll over half the population.
So what is a PUMA to do? I will support any candidate that did not vote for this bill rather they are Democrats are Republicans. I just hope the Republicans run more women.

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