Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gilibrand VS Ford. Why I Will Not Support the Woman This Time.

Kristian Gilibrand is up for election this year and one of the candidates who wish to primary her is Harold Ford. I hope he does run because Kristian did not stand up for women with her vote for health care reform. My guess is that someone bribed her perhaps with some earmarks for NY. She allows women to be thrown under the bus with this unpopular law.
I know a lot of women are going to be pissed off at me but like I told the African Americans who were pissed off at me in 2008 "Kiss My Ass" I will not be browbeaten to vote for one or the other I am African American and I am a woman. Its time both groups recognize that.
I would like Ford to take on Giliibrand because after December 2010 the one African American in the Senate will be gone.
Hillary Clinton already broke the ceiling for NY and now its time for the other ceiling to be broken. Its time to see if NY is ready to elect a black man to the Senate.
Kristian has proven over and over again that she will vote with Obama and the other Dems in congress despite the fact that she is supposed to be right of center.
This blog will never support any candidate who voted for this health care plan. Gilibrand did just this despite the fact that its very unpopular with everyone.
Liberals, conservatives, and moderates all agree on one thing this is a bad bill. Kristian cast her vote now its time to kick her to the curb.
The fact is that women have more representives in the Senate in African Americans do. Ford is just as qualified as Kristian is to become Senator.
I hope that this is a race free/ gender free fight and its clean but I fear the race or gender card if not both will be played.

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