Monday, October 5, 2009

Whoopie Goldberg Shut the Hell Up Rape is Rape.

I am so angry at Whoopie Goldberg for coming to the aid of Child rapist Roman Polinski by saying what happened to the 13 year old back in 1975 wasn't really rape. What was it then? Whoopie like the rest of Hollywood needs to pull their heads out of their asses and admit rape is rape. I get so tired of hearing people dismiss rape like the only type of rape is the type that is physically violent or where a weapon is used. I am sick of people dismissing rape because the woman had a prior or current sexual relationship with the rapist. I am sick of people saying "But he is her husband."
NO means NO regardless of the relationship with the Rapist or the past of the rape victim.
Whoppie Goldberg needs to lose her job because this is a very sexist remark. Its time we take on women as well as men who make sexist comments.
Lets Send Whoopie a message loud and clear. Rape is Rape regardless if the perp is a well known director or a man from the hood.
Shut the Hell up Whoopie.

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