Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why This African American is Offended by the Peace Prize Given to Obama.

The very left leaning Nobel Peace Prize committee decided they were going to heal Africa by giving a man the Peace Prize even though he has done nothing to deserve this. This is very offensive to me because the committee did not choose a man who was black but a black man. The difference is when you give an award to a black man make sure he actually deserves that award. Obama got a peace prize for being a black man. He did not stop the violence in the hood which is something he promised to the ghettos of America. He did not negotiate any peace deals between two Countries. He didn't heal race relations He didn't walk on water. He did nothing but have black skin. I wonder who he was up against and wonder how they feel losing this prize to a man who did nothing to deserve it.
Don't judge a person good or bad based on the color of his skin.
Obama will deserve this award only if he earns it. The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke now.

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