Saturday, September 19, 2009

Racism Versus Playing the Race Card

I have been hearing a lot about racism lately and most of what I hear is not racism but disagreement with the first African American President but to Liberals it must be racism. The Liberals have done this very thing to Republicans for years and always drove me nuts. Conservatives don't have black people because they want limited Government. Liberals aren't free of racism because they believe the government should take care of everyone. The fact that Liberals are likely to assume that black people and poor people are the same thing which is frankly racist and personally I don't care what the race is of the people who spout this kind of garbage. I am also watching white people being called racist simply for disagreeing or calling Barack out on his sexism. Guess what Liberals that statement rather you are black or white is very racist. Calling white people racist simply because they are white means you are racist.
Lets now talk about real racism the racism I must encounter in the real world. There are the minor racism like not being able to hail a cab because of my skin color. There is other racism that hurts like police brutality which is more likely to happen to a young black man then any other group in this country. How about the teachers who are responsible for teaching our children regardless of color who tell young black kids especially if they are from the ghetto that they are not going to suceed or like my son's 6th grade teacher who assumed because he was a black male that he would rape her. He was 12 years old at the time.
I desegretated the local school district when I was a Senior in Highschool. It was covered on all the major networks and one of CNN's first major stories. We were barred from the school by angry white faces screaming "nigger" and other racist remarks. They started rocking the bus and damn near tipped us over. The National Guard had to escort us into the school where the Principal decided that we needed to be humiliated further by pointing out that we were late and giving us all detention he knew those whites were trying to kill us but he didn't give a damn.
I have spent my lifetime fighting against racism and to see people especially white Liberals and black politicians playing the race card inappropriately it makes me cringe. Its not going to be those white Liberals or those middle class politicians nor even the black middle class that is going to have to deal with real racism it is going to be the poor people who suffer and then no one will ever hear our cries because these idiots and racists want to play a card that is not race related but Policies related and that will be a real crime.
Racism exists but disagreeing with a black man is just that disagreeing with a black man. I am calling both black and white liberals out of this sort of thing because its wrong its divisive and its racist.

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