Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obots Are Terrified About their Lord and Master Again.

Obots are terrified that their Lord and Master is in trouble. They are once again finding articles and insulting people.
First of all Obots must not be able to read. Don't mistake Obots for Obama supporters they are two different things an Obot is an idiot that cannot survive unless they are insulting everyone else. No ONE is going to have their comments published if they insult Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin or frankly every woman. Perhaps if Obots would act like Obama supporters then perhaps your comments would get published.
By the way Left wing Nut Jobs and anyone who is brave and stupid enough to make nasty comments about me is asking for trouble. I am not in the wrong party YOUR in the wrong country. No one in this Country is ever going to allow a Leftie to mess things up we did that it was called the Carter administration. Obama keeps listening to the likes of the Left wing nut jobs that can't debate things nicely but must resort to insults. We all know they live in their parent's basements and cause problems.
Obama supporters and Left wing people this post is not directed at you nor is the insults. This is for the Mentally disabled Obots an Obama supporter is someone who supports Obama He/she engages in debate and doesn't resort to insults. That's the same discription for a Left wing.
So Obots your never have a voice here.
Oh and by the way Liberals are better at silencing the right then the other way around. I would suggest reading history but that's how you can spot a difference between and Obama supporter and an disquesting foul Obot an Obama supporter can read and therefore is much better at debate then an Obot who will be permently sentenced to living in his parent's basement for the rest of his life. Can we say LOSER. The Media actually lies about the Liberals but most of the time Americans don't buy on.
Another thing idiot I am Independent I don't have a party you wee wee. I am also Pro gay which is more then I can say about the Liberal President Obama. I believe in actually allowing gay people to get married which is something I disagree with the Right Wing I believe Obama only wants civil unions as does all the rest of the politicans.
So please Obots and Left and Right Wing Nutjobs find someone else to harass. Let the Obama supporters and the Left wing nice people debate Obama's point but rudeness will never get you published.

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