Sunday, February 7, 2010

Holder's Premature Mirandization of Suspect

Holder's Premature Mirandization of Suspect
Why the big hurry to Mirandize someone who decided that he wanted to blow up the USA it was an act of war and since when do we worry about the rights of enemy combattions who only want to hurt this country. We cannot afford to be bleeding heart liberals when it comes to protecting this country.
I know that some liberals perfer to see us attacked then to let some crazy mad man blow up an airplane full of people then receive all rights of an US citizen but this is not a good idea. Just more proof that there is something wrong with the way Liberals see the world.
Note to President Obama you are supposed to protect the American people from harm either do that or step down.
I bet Al-Queda is thrilled by the fact that Obama and Holder mirandized this nut case.

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