Saturday, February 13, 2010

From The Middle Passage to President Obama A Celebration of African American Culture

February is black history month. African American history is holds a lot of pain but also a lot of joy. African Americans came to this country on slave ships. They were kidnapped or sold by their own people to the European slave buyers. The captives had to endure a long ride chained hand to toe in the bowels of the ships. This horrid trip is referred to as the Middle Passage because the second part of the three part passage involved the slave trade and transporting the captives to the new world. Hundreds of Africans were kidnapped and brought to the Americas to work as slaves.

The slaves in the United States were robbed of their African culture so the new slaves created their own culture incoprating small parts of their African hertiage and because they were watched closely by whites African Americans needed a way to communicate with each other so an unique language was formed.

Slaves were forced to work long hours and were often starved and beaten.

The North banned slavery soon after the American revolution but the South was more dependent on slavery then the North.

On that Plantation though several things began to happen the people robbed of all their individual African traits formed their own culture and foods.

Slaves were often given the worst food by bad Masters yet they were able to turn lemons into lemonade. They would cook after working in the fields all day and often times cooking became a social event among slave women.

Most African Americans will tell you about their extended family even though they are not related. This comes from the fact that our ansecestors were bought and sold and often families were split up so Aunts, Grandparents, strangers often raised the children left behind. It is not uncommon for someone to step in and help raise someone I have done that several times myself. I am sure if I need it I will have someone step in.

Slavery was devastating and one causality was marriage. The Masters decided the sex lives of the slaves and they were breeded. Women were raped by any white man who wanted them and that created lots of different colors. African Americans range in color from "light bright and damn near white" to black and everything in between. The custom in America has always been hat one drop of black blood makes you black as a result you now see many colors in one family personally this is one of my favorite things about our culture.

African American music has become the main influence on the majority of American music and has even influenced European music. That also comes from Africa but also slavery. Music was used by the slaves in every area of their lives from work songs and church songs. It was also used as a way to communicate with each other with out whites knowing this. Harriet Tubman often used songs as a way to let people know she was in town. She lead hundreds North and then on to Canada. She went on to serve in the Union army as a scout.

African American history is American history.

Hillarysworld plans to celebrate black history month by celebrating my culture. Slavery was hell but black folk made it through and formed a strong culture.

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