Monday, July 20, 2009

Women on the Verge of the Law--Sonia Sotomoyor and Anita Hill

Women have come a long way but we haven't come far enough. Women have still never broken the gender barrier for POTUS or VP and we are seriously underrepresented in both the Congress and the Supreme Court.

What about women in the law profession? How far have women come since the Clarence Thomas hearings in 1992 which resulted in the largest election wins for women in Congress.

I remember the Thomas Hearings and how these Senators kept beating up on this poor woman to protect Thomas another male. The Democrats weren't innocent they were the majority in the Congress at the time and they did nothing to help Anita Hill they let her twist in the wind.

Fast Forward to last week and the Sotomayor confirmation hearings.

Sonia Sotomayor did not suffer in the same way as Anita Hill there did not seem to be a free for all this time and as nominated to the Supreme Court she should be grilled about what she believes and how she plans to vote. Males nominated for the Supreme Court also must go through a tough hearing. I expect nothing less from the Senate.

Senators who were at both hearings did not want another Anita Hill because they still have flashbacks of 1992. Arlen Spector almost lost reelection that year to a woman and so many women were sworn in after Anita Hill that neither the Democrats and the Republicans do not want to look like Sexist pigs.

I wish women would remember the treatment that Anita Hill got in 1992 and stop voting for Roe vs Wade which of course is established law and will never be overturned. This is not the only issue out there for women. We need more female faces in the House and the Senate.

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