Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hillary's Meet the Press Interview and Comments.

Hillary spent the entire hour on Meet the Press not 15 minutes or 30 minutes but the entire hour. I have never seen a sitting Secretary of State have more then an half hour on Meet the Press and Hillary got the entire hour. Its because she is now and will always be a major player.
Obama's poll numbers are in and they continue to fall.
Hillary Clinton answered a question where she didn't rule out a Presidential run she didn't say she would. She cannot say that she is planning on running for President because besides making the Obots heads explode it is much to soon and she needs to be able to do her job so she was honest when she said she had enough on her plate she is smart and she also knows the pit bulls, and I don't intend to insult the pit bulls) in the media would get a jump start on trying to derail her possibly putting this Country at risk although I really don't think dirt bags like Chris Matthews and Keith O care about that.
Obama is making a mess out of health care and he is falling in the polls. He will continue to do so because he is an empty suit who just ran for President so he can retire and spend the rest of his life going on vacation. This puts Hillary in a very good position because Hillary already had her shot at Health Care and she learned what does Oblahblah do he puts up the same health care plan that Hillary submitted in 1994.
Hillary is planning on another race she may not be planning one against the current idiot in office but she is most definitely planning on running in 2016.

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