Monday, July 20, 2009

Clinton Travels to India, Meets with Leaders, Speaks Out on Climate Change and Terrorism

Hillary Clinton made her first trip since she broke her elbow in June. The Media kept insisting that Hillary was being marginalized by the Obama administration. First of all regardless of rather or not he hates her and she hates him. It is not in Obama's best interest to get rid of Hillary. Its bad enough he overshadowed Hillary during her press confrence This hurts him in the long run. He needs to heal that rift caused by the Primary if he wants to continue to be supported by the women who decided to vote for him after Hillary. This may not happen again if he doesn't stop doing stuff like this.

Hillary spoke out strongly against terriorism actually calling it terriorism unlike other members of the Obama administration. I have no idea why Obama is so afraid to call a spade a spade. We can not coddle the people who want to destroy us. We must remain tough.

Today Hillary met with the leaders of India to discuss several important issues such as emmissions and other issues. She wants the US and India to build a closer relationship.


buffaloboy1999 said...

Hillary has consistently talked much tougher than Obama, which is a good thing, since Obama has been way too apologetic. Hopefully he will take more of her advice.

And also, nice blog here, HMG!


Hillarysmygirl16 said...

Thank you BB its nice seeing you again. We are trying to keep the spirit of Hillarys village alive.
I want it to be a safe place for Sarah and Hillary and their supporters. I also want the bipartisan friendliness. We can debate our differences without the name calling.
I am so happy to see you here

Optixmom said...

Hillary has a spine, O does not (like a jellyfish). Hillary stands up for what is right and O does a wiggly dance around the subject. All I can say is thank God she is there.

Hillarysmygirl16 said...

Optix it is such a good thing she is SOS for the sake of this Country.