Saturday, November 6, 2010

Keith Oblemann the NO. One Douche Bag Suspended without Pay

MSNBC has finally fired Keith Oblemann for donating to three Democratic candidates after calling out FOX for donating to Republicans. He said FOX was unethical because they donate to FOX candidates.
MSNBC announced yesterday that Keith Oblemann one of the two most sexist men on TV has been suspended without pay. The news set off my facebook page with both Conservatives and Hillary supporters who remember the sexism of the Primary of 08 and how he attacked Sarah Palin in the same offensive ways.
This news makes me happy because Keith is considered to be the Worst Person in the World to a lot of people like me who watched as he attacked Hillary Clinton because she dared to run for President when he wanted Obama. He insulted her and made fun of her because he does not want a woman to be President. He is quick to call out Conservatives for sexism but in 08 he proved he was far more sexist then any of the Conservatives he calls out but no one is buying his story anymore.

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