Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hillary Supporters are Shouting "I TOLD YOU SO" Watching the Obots Coming Off the Kool Aid

The past several weeks I have been watching and reading about how the Obots are falling out of love with Obama. They have begun the withdrawl from the kool aid they had been drinking since the Primaries.
Obama made a lot of promises to different groups of people even though his history of keeping promises have been horrible. Obama has always said whatever he needed to get elected or reelected. Obama ran to the left for the Primaries so that he can gain the liberal votes. It worked but the Liberals expected Universal Health care and a Single payer system that is not what they got. Hillary supporters knew this and tried to tell the liberals that they were making a mistake but Hillary was to much of a Hawk for the Liberals so they fell for the Peace and Love and Hope and Change dude and what did they get for that an increase in troops in Afghanistan. He promised he would close Gitmo Bay but that is unlikely. First of all he would be wrong to close that prison because where the hell else are you going to send them. Second of all he would never be elected to a second term if he did close that prison. Its like this the Peace and Love people are not the majority of people in this country most of the people do not want terriorists running around our country. They especially don't want them in NY.
So the Liberals are complaining because of the health care reform bill that isn't exactally health care reform. The young people are complaining because they bought into the whole peace and hope thing and now they find out that their man is nothing but a snake oil salesman.
Hillary supporters knew all of this. Obama sold women down the river even though NOW supported him and now they know that he is a Pig. Anyone who watched the Democratic Primary should know that Obama is a PIG and always has been. Hillary supporters knew this from the beginning but were called bitter racists because they shared this information with the Obots.
Now what are the Obots calling themselves for disagreeing with Obama are they racist? I would say perhaps the next time they have the urge to call someone racist for not agreeing with Obama that they have now become the racists. Perhaps they have learned a lesson.
Perhaps the next time a snake oil salesman comes to town perhaps these same people will do a little bit of research. Perhaps then they will save the rest of us the bother of having to deal with an incompent idiot as President.
We are not just whispering "I told you so" We are shouting it from the rooftops.

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Alex said...

HMG, I so love your straightforward style! Yes, now we hear the "true believers" who voted for Barry saying truly racist things like "Oh, Barack is just too naive, too trusting." Basically, that's saying Obama is too stupid to fight the Republicans. I assure you that he is doing exactly what his Corporate Keepers want him to do. And that's NOT the true Democratic way.

I guess waking up late is better than waking up never.