Monday, December 21, 2009

Democrats Screw Women Again. Where are the Voices of the Women?

Well the Senate Democrats all 60 of them have voted on one of the most sexist peices of legistation in my lifetime. The Democrats who claim to be Pro life and most of them claim this nonsense have compromised their so called beliefs to cater to one Democrat by leaving abortion coverage up to the States which would basically get rid of abortion in red states.
I am disquested by the way use of abortion and mamagrams are being used by the party that is supposed to be pro women. I wonder why the use of viagra and prostate checks aren't being debated in the senate. I guess we should be glad that the Stupid Dummycrats haven't outlawed a woman's period.
I am fed up with a party that first of all allowed Hillary Clinton to be abused then participated in sexism against Sarah Palin. I am surprised that Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein two pro woman women would allow this travisty to take place.
Where are the angry voices of women? Why did not one female Democratic senator stand up for their sisters all over the country? Senator Snowe is the only female who decided not to vote for this bad peice of law.
Perhaps now women will stop voting for a party that has no respect for them. Perhaps now women will stand up and say to both parties that Neither party can take their votes for granted anymore.
This monstrostry will become law one day and this upsets me. It is my hope that people vote these Democrats out all of them. I plan to vote against either of my senators who voted for this as well as my Rep who voted for the equally stupid house version.
Its time for women to demand respect don't debate our health care issues unless you are willing to take on those health issues suffered mainly by men.

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