Sunday, July 18, 2010

What to Do With The Inner City? Lets Start With Listening

I am a Conservative Independent and as such I have the privilage of blogging with both the Democrats and Republicans. Both have good ideas with what to do to help the Inner City.
As most of my readers know I am not only from the inner city I remain here. So what is a ghetto girl going to do with all this advice.
Everyone in both parties say JOBS and EDUCATION and that sounds like a perfect solution but in reality its going to be very difficult to put those plans into effect until you understand what is going on here. Its going to be hard to study with bullets flying over your head. Jobs are also good, however, its going to be hard to convince a young person that working at McDonalds is better then selling crack on the block.
What we need to do is change the Mentality in the hood. We need to figure out a way to stop killing each other over stupid things. We get into these beefs with each other and want to start killing. So Person A kills Person B then Person B's people kills Person A and a vicious and violent cycle continues. We are doing what the people who flooded our communities with drugs wanted in the first place.
We have to repeal the Rockerfeller law and get those men doing life sentences for selling crack out of prison. We need to make sure that the sentence fits the crime. There is no way selling Crack should get you more time then murder.
We also have to get rid of the Mentility that says "Education is for White people." First of all our history proves that this is false. Slaves risked their lives to learn to read and write. Former slaves worked all day in the fields then came home and attended school. Sounds like those slaves and former slaves thought education was important.
Frankly until the people who live here get rid of the mentiliy that is killing us then well intentions on both sides of the Ailse are not going to help.
We have overcome a lot of hardships but now the biggest threat to the hood is ourselves.

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